Imago DeI

by Imperium Infernalis

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" Imago Dei " is a Seven Chapter Manifest, proclaiming the Horror of Mankind's Mortality.


released January 9, 2017

Recorded at Plague's Lair, Groove Studio
Mixed by The Omegha
Produced by Charon
Mastered by Victor "Santura" Bullock at Woodshed Studio
Artwork by Vision Black
Booklet sketches/drawings by Frederik Ruysch



all rights reserved


Imperium Infernalis Greece

Ab anno Bastardi

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Track Name: The Burden of Consciousness
Conscious sentience, for reasons unknown,
separation of nature and self,
hindrance of a species, the emergence of I.

Metaphysical inquisitions, illusions of divine creation,
how cruel the paradox of these cognitive shackles.
Is there nothing ahead but a bottomless pit of despair?

Plagued by fictitious constructions. How perplexing and feeble the human condition.
Ever wonder what lies beneath your fleshy grin?
Come on, lets tear through these crackled facades.

Your temples are vacant, destitute and abandoned; they lie in ruins.
For Kenosis led to Kenophobia, the negative space left for a non-existent God
filled with immeasurable despair. Oh how immaculate the pain.

“The eternal silence of these infinite spaces fills me with dread”

Lets set forth the extinction of mankind.
Reject procreation, for none should be exposed to this misery.
Remove thy self from this soul wrenching, spirit crushing,
angst ridden, predetermined crawl to the grave;
and the ashes of this mistake shall dissipate in the relentless sands of time.
Embrace death, for its vast cold bleakness and deafening silence is the ONE unmistakable truth; the eternal Void awaits us.
Track Name: The Obsidian Kosmos
Biochemical balance restored, dilation of the avid learners.
A distorted perception of time,
all epochs merging into the now of eternity,
subverting the urge to dispute your inner demon.
Compromised persuasion, trampled mediation by woe.

The cold sharp tongue of this vile exchange
severs the layered walls of cohesion
dissecting the ever pulsating path of delights
diverging the flow of life's essence
(mixing the boundaries of unacquainted realities).

And oh, thy scarlet beauty, which has never emerged as so,
blazes triumphantly across the pale dome of the sky.
As consciousness spills from this emptying vessel,
the crimson river stains your purity celebrated by the revered one,
boldly defiling the gift of the gods.

A withering posture, such failure on the part of this complex machine!
Thy blurring perception of truth, focal illusions appearing en masse.
The sensory algorithm in ruins, the sonic misconception of hymns.
Condemned is the battle for the expected aural relief!
Oh, and how brittle the nature of universal cognition!

In search of the proverbial sights
the beautiful memories, the enclosure of lights.
Lo, behold the obsidian view of the Kosmos,
and endure the eternal confinement of stars
in this ever expanding sepulchre of dust.
Track Name: Embrace The Savior
Wicked child of filth, product of perversion and hate,
conceived in darkness, begotten in blood.
Embodiment of our darkest desires, archetypal evil, son of man.

Regain our lost kingdom, lead us to our glorious death.

We pray for the annihilation of the ultimate plague.
We pray for our release from this unbearable cage of flesh.

As we assemble beneath the crown of lies,
a humble congregation of vile flesh,
we mark our flesh with the serpent's mark,
and drink the blood of the crucified son.
Beneath the defiled corpse,
we re-enact our vile conception,
and feast on the remains of our foul past.

In the final moments of this cursed existence,
we embrace your dark flame and shed our mortal coil.
As consciousness dissolves into the eternal flow of non-existence,
and all memories of past regrets and sins fade away,
we embrace thee, oh dark savior, and reject the curse of eternal afterlife.

Aetas absolutus est!
Track Name: The Horror Of Recursive Realities
Seeking proof of my inner faults, my inner fallacies,
justification of the ancient dismissal of the Two.
Still nothing seems to justify the absence of Light.
Have we been cast aside, or was it all a dream?
Always perplexed by this intricate automaton,
revealing minuscule clogs of bone and flesh, springs of sinew,
yet no apparent essence to the caliber of life.
Perplexing designs that mock my sensibility,
always calling for suspension of disbelief.
May the absence of proof be the proof of absence.

Adeste infidelis,
Pitiful squanderer of His divine grace.
You know not the depths of my perversion,
my unfathomable despise for your wretched kind.
I shall be your crown of horns, your cross to bare, 

the chocking sensation during sleepless nights,
the dreadful fear nested deep inside.
I present thee with the greatest curse of all;
access to knowledge, unharmed by the miracle of decay. 

How cruel the immobility of time,
when perceived through the kaleidoscope of immortality.

After what seems like aeons of weightlessness
transcending the bounds of restriction,
I, the traveler of spaces, unravel the molecules of creation, 

and unfold in unimaginable dimensions.
Blindfolded, I bleed into infinite recursive realities.
Was this oscillation a journey of absolution, 

or merely the perception of out predefined damnation?

Illusions of aural guidance washed away by the sands of time.
How i yearn the sweet bliss of ignorance. 

Forsaken, I stand in this shadow-orchard of lives past.

Lo, amongst horrors I shall dwell…
Alas, amongst horrors I create...
I regret creation!
I reject resurrection! 
I yearn extinction!

Nameless Saint, Thine is a cruel existence.
Praise Thee, Usurper of all obscure thoughts and intentions.
Praise Thee, Orchestrator of the fall.

Grant me the following in Thy name, oh Dark Lord.
Free me from the Three that shall not be named , shall not be revealed.
Tear out my eyes that i may not perceive the splendor, horrors, of His creation.
Flail my skin and baptize me in fire, that i may never feel the soothing sensation of His breath.
Smash my face and break my bones, that i may never again be in His image.
Let the jackals feast upon my flesh, that i may never again have to witness Life, know of rest and peace.
Ravage this broken vessel, and scatter my remains in a thousand nameless graves.
Wipe my miserable self from the view of the ever-watching, negligent Father.
Let no one cry for me, but only the Dark Lord to have mercy upon me.

Mortis, Dei gratia Death, by the mercy of God!
Fade to Nihil!
Track Name: Messiah Of The Rebels
Asphyxiated, but still breathing,
freezing and bleeding, but still warm.
 It is Wicked but gives comfort, 
I must hate that feeling, but I need more.

This moment of my hopeless prayer, 
the shroud of truth wraps around me, 
a second of clarity, 
as I become the abomination of my fate.

Hopeless, decaying species, I’m one with you (now)…
Breathing the essence of disgust…

I am the Son, the one with the Leper soul.

I am the blood and flesh our Mother created.

I am the abomination, society’s faces.

I am the Serpent, 
Messiah of the rebels,

Messiah of the lepers.
I proclaim the speech of Man.

Track Name: The Tableau Of Decomposing Beliefs
Welcome to my sideshow of pain,
my little garden of earthly disgusts,
for I am the sculptor of human remains,
reshaping the clay bereft of his breath.
exposing to all this Sisyphean farce,
Why do you keep on pushing the fucking proverbial rock?

Erecting monuments to nature’s abomination,
my creations reflect the absurdity of existence.

Arrangements of limbs and arterial flowers,
a snapshot of pain, a collage of decay,
structural reassembly, disjointed atrocities.
Impossible puzzles of human debris,
Patterns of loss arranged upon this tableau of plastic lividity.
an intricate decomposition of naive beliefs.
The never-ending cycle of torture in miniature form,
horrific displays of life’s mundanity cast in bone.

Ah fate, ah bitter fate.
Nothing matters, yet we are but matter.
A conglomeration of sinewed automata,
governed by electric discharges and chemical impulses,
yearning for space yet bound to the grave.
But there is beauty in death, and I will create with your flesh.
For I am the shape shifter of human remains, the eater of time. 
Every false hope, broken promise 
and empty dream put on display
so all can ravel in the miracle of nothingness.

The horror of existence in a single glimpse.